I am an Adirondack girl who ended up in Los Angeles after some time in New York City and some time in the Catskills. I live a bicoastal life of two extremes, splitting my time between a house on a stream in my hometown (where people don’t lock their front doors), and a one-bedroom apartment in Venice Beach (where art meets crime).


Since the debut of my first novel, Sometimes That Happens With Chicken, I have been compared to Hemingway, Salinger, Hitchcock, Burroughs, Marquez, and Calvino, and the level of quality I am bringing to market combined with my indie business model has fans calling me a one-woman Random House. According to one reader, “Sometimes That Happens With Chicken…blazes beyond what we have come to expect from modern fiction…” and my second novel, Volume Two, has been called, “A Proustian examination of the intricacies of relationship and the inner monologues and misunderstandings that bring two people, in turn, farther away from and, ultimately, closer to each other.” I am currently working on my third novel, Purple Is For Francis, which will be my first first-person narrative, and I have no idea when it will be done, so please don’t ask.


Writing never feels like work but by itself, it doesn’t pay the bills. Someone has to publish the books and publicize them, and someone has to supplement that income in order to live in a comfortable and productive manner. In my case, I do both and when I’m not working on publishing and publicity, I work as a freelance project manager helping companies build websites, apps and software. I take pride in all the kinds of work I do, and when I need some downtime, I head to the kitchen which has brought me a lifetime full of joy with only more yet to come.


When it comes to the kitchen, I’m on a personal mission to get the factory out of my pantry, and I am quickly sliding down the slippery slope of cookery back to a time you wouldn’t expect from an urban artist with a limited amount of time on her hands. I cook more like a pioneer woman than a woman with a day job and that includes making all my own butter and all my own bread. You will also find raw milk and some sort of homemade stock in my fridge at all times. I am not a chef but I am a regular at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, I am passionate about where my food comes from, and cooking is how I nourish myself and the ones I love.


When I’m not busy writing, working or cooking, I try to live my life in a way I won’t regret. I always make time to feed my friends and I hate it when my people say, “I’m too busy…” Regardless of what life has thrown me, I am endlessly grateful for the people in my life and the time on this earth I have been given.

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